Monday, January 24, 2011

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FOR TODAY... Monday January 24th, 2011

Outside my window...  It has been freezing… We have had like 3 big storms in the last couple weeks, so the kids have had plenty of snow to play in!

I am thinking...   A few bumps in my week, but all and all we had an ok week. Weekend was lots of fun too!
I am thankful for….. Time that we get with family!

From the learning rooms…..…  We had a pretty good week this week… Got lots done.
Hunter- Is doing great with the start of Division
Rachel- is mastering her spelling words like crazy!
Sage-  Is starting to read some small books. She is doing so good!
They are starting to get in the hang of it now, and we are doing wonderful!
From the kitchen…. . Meatloaf I think… We haven’t had in a while.

I am creating….     A list of things to start looking for next year’s curriculum.

I am wearing.. Jeans, t-shirt, and a sweatshirt! (I’m still not warm)

I am going..  to have a pretty good week, I think… Pretty calm, so we will probably gear up for the following week which is looking to be crazy.

I am hearing… kids watching a movie, while we get ready to start our day!


I am reading… My newest book… The shop on Blossom Street by Debbie MaComber. 

Around the house… Not much this week.. we tried to get most of it done over the weekend.


One of my favorite things…   Watching my kids have fun with their friends

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Library (haven’t been in awhile) and 4-H is all we have going on this week! Pretty Calm week!


Here is a picture for thought I am sharing…

Fun in the snow…


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