Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our fun filled weekend


I have to say we got really lucky… and it all worked out nicely. My husband got 5 days off in a row, after only asking for 2 days… At first we were like that stinks cause of the money issue, but then everything worked out nicely.

First on Thursday we took littlest monkey to the Eye Doctors, and that was a very interesting. She has to have new glasses again, and hopefully that will help with the lazy eye.

Then on Friday the boys went on a sleep over for Cub Scouts, that they had a blast at! Playing games, watching a movie, and wearing themselves out! While they were at that, us girls hung out with friends watching a movie.

Saturday was just a lazy day around home, where we just sat around, played games, and watched movies.

Sunday we went to my Dad and Stepmom’s. Which for anyone who has followed my blog for any length of time, has probably seen that we don’t do or so them much. There this was a huge shock for us all. They invited us down to spend the day. (They live 60 miles from us) I picked up my grandmother and brought her down with us. They kids were super excited to see a tree still up when we got there, cause that meant presents. Lol!

We then spent the afternoon, catching up, and the kids opened up their presents. They got homemade coloring books, with pictures of my Stepmom’s animals. She has horses, donkey’s, and dogs. It was a really cool idea. As well as getting some new hats and mittens.

Then we had lunch, some really good lasagna! Yum! After lunch the kids drove grandma Jayne crazy til she got ready to take them outside. They went out and played in the snow, and she took them on a dog sled ride. I didn’t get a pick of them on the dog sled, but I did mange to get a few of the animals. The kids had a blast! It was such a great day! I will remember it for a long time!






Now today we are heading over to a friends house to hang out for the day…That we really haven’t done that with in 2 yrs!! What fun it will be! I’m so happy that our weekend worked out the way we wanted it to!

Now to a full week ahead! After such a great weekend, I think it will be a great week. No worries! How was your weekend??

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