Monday, January 3, 2011

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FOR TODAY... Monday January 3rd, 2011

Outside my window...   Its pretty nice. We have had some really warm weather, after a blizzard… Strange I agree!

I am thinking... What is to come in this New Year… Can you believe it is 2011 already??  It seems like 2000 was just last year!
I am thankful for…..being here, and spending time with my family…. So many lives of great people lost over the last couple of years, and it just reminds us more everyday how lucky we are.

From the learning rooms….. … We took the last couple weeks off due to the Holiday’s, and being super busy!
Big Monkey-  is doing some division, and reading up a storm.
Middle Monkey-  is doing well with all subjects, and surprising even herself. She has two digit addition without carrying down now.
Small Monkey-  is doing well… She is getting her sight words down. Its so cool to watch them learn to read.

From the kitchen….  Not sure… Need to our monthly menu for this month.

I am creating….   Nothing right now…

I am wearing.. Jeans, t-shirt, and a sweatshirt!

I am going..  to be very busy over the next month or so… Its almost Girl Scout Cookie time… This year I have 2 troops to help with, so it is going to be nuts!!!

I am hearing….  My kids giggling, while they are playing with new toys from the holiday.


I am reading… Nothing at the moment, looking for some new books to read… Open to suggestions!!!

Around the house… It is pretty well clean, did it over the weekend, and even got my car cleaned out and vacuumed. YAY!

One of my favorite things…  Spending time with my family, and enjoying our time together.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  This is super crazy week… We have Cub Scouts, my brownie troop, Girls Daisy Troop, and 4-H. Plus we have a couple appointments, and some trips to the library.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing…

A crazy photo of Middle Monkey!


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