Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow fun….



After a few storms of crazy snow, we have gotten quite a bit now. Its up past my knee’s in places. We are happy about this, cause the kids were starting to get sad they had no snow to play in. (we may regret that soon though)

On Saturday we headed over to my hubby’s brother’s house and let the kids play together. We got them all dressed up and headed outside to slide. Which wasn’t as easy as we expected since the snow was so thick and fluffy. We couldn’t seem to pack a trail very well.


The boys gave up pretty quick and went back inside. Us girls stuck it out for a bit longer however, and eventually managed to get a good spot on the plowed bank. Littlest Monkey thought it was the best!




I will admit we didn’t last to long outside, as it was only 10 degree’s which made it pretty darn chilly. But it was fun while it lasted! We will have to try again soon!


After all the kids do love being in the Snow again!!

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Our Village is a Little Different said...

This is what it looks like here,in NY too. Snow, snow and more snow! I wanted out let you know the learning workroom CD-Rom arrived yesterday. Thanks again!