Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What have you been reading??


We don’t have a specific list we are going by or anything… we just love to read in this house. I was just curious to see what we could accomplish in one summer without over doing and driving the kids nuts. What better way to keep track than sharing with you??

So far Hunter has read:

  • Magic Tree House Hallows Eve
  • Magic Tree House Carnival at Candlelight 
  • 39 Clues Book 4
  • 39 Clues Book 5
  • 39 Clues Book 6
  • 39 Clues Book 7
  • 39 Clues Book 8
  • Percy Jackson The Lightening Thief
  • How to train your dragon Book 2

So far I have read to the girls:

  • Princess Ellie   Book 1
  • Princess Ellie   Book 2
  • Princess Ellie   Book 3
  • Princess Ellie   Book 4  
  • Rainbow Fairy’s Book 4

Rachel is also reading any Level 1 and 2 books in the library she can find. Her reading has improved greatly over the summer.

Do your kids love to read?? What have they been reading, and what is their favorite book? We will check back at the end of the summer and let you know any others we read…

Now we are off the the Library to pick up some more books!


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