Thursday, July 8, 2010

Turtle, snakes, and lizards oh my!



I have to tell you, I love that our local library offers such great events in the summer… They do a series of 4 different events, from Magicians, Mad Science, and even a Reptile show.

We have been able to attend 3 of the events this summer. One called the Jiggleman, which was really funny. He was like a Mime but also did some bouncing and such…




The absolute favorite of the kids was the Reptile guy. He had a gopher tortoise, pine snake,crocodile, rat snake, snapping turtle, bearded dragon lizard, and a python snake. I’m not a huge fan of these creatures, but it was neat to learn about them, and see them (since I didn’t have to touch).





Does your town have a great library program for the summer??

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