Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How to get your kids to Embrace Summer Reading??


Reading has never really been a huge issue for our family…my kids LOVE to read. However, for some its hard to get them to read in the summer. For the smaller kids I CAN READ! is a great way to start. Two of my youngest girls are just learning to read. One just finished Kindergarten, and the I CAN READ! books are the best ones for her to get excited about reading. Even for my youngest who is about to start Kindergarten, they offer the best of both worlds. The pictures to keep them stimulated, and the small words to help her learn to read. Where do your kids fall??
Do your kids hate to read?? Or just not happy they have to read, since school is out? Here is a list of things that help us with reading in the summer…

  • Look for incentive programs, like at bookstores. My oldest is working towards getting a free book from all the bookstores near us.
  • Check your local library for incentives as well. Ours offers a weekly drawing for free books.
  • Local Restaurants sometimes offer free food for kids who read so many books.
  • With my oldest, we read a certain book, and when we finish we watch the movie to compare.
  • Find different places to read, such as the park, beach, etc.
  • Subscribe to a magazine for each child to have something special for them to read.
  • We always have one book, that we read together each week. By taking turns reading and having that time together all my kids love this.
  • Be an example, when you ask them to read…set aside a few minutes for you to be able to read as well.
  • Have fun with reading… do activities around the book you are reading!
I hope this helps with some ideas for reading… Speaking of reading. We are off to the library this morning to pick up some more books. Hope you all have a fabulous time reading!!!

A bit about I CAN READ!

The number one beginner reader series in the country, I Can Read!, is the open door to a child’s adventure with the most beloved characters in the history of children’s literature. It is the premiere and proven series for encouraging young readers from early reading together to advanced reading alone. The series debuted in 1957with the introduction of a familiar favorite, Little Bear. It was one of the first ever easy-to-read books that children could read independently, and has been in print ever since. Now with more than 6 million I Can Read! books sold, including 200 titles, I Can Read! books is the best series to take children step by step into the wonderful world of reading on their own.

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