Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fun projects with Glue Dots



I was really excited to jump at a chance to do a project with Glue Dots, and review some of their product. I absolutely love Glue Dots. I only used them once a few years ago for a craft project, when the kids were a bit younger. I instantly fell in love with them! They are so much less mess, and easy to use. Especially for younger kids.

I was super excited to do some projects with the kids and use Glue Dots. I set my mind at work, and started looking for projects to do.

Our first project we decided to use the Glue Dots on was at our recent Girl Scout Event. We were making princess hats, with the Girl Scout Laws on it, jewels, and ribbons. These came in perfectly for this project. As we were using them with 5yr old girls, and lots of little objects.




Reasons to use Glue Dots… Well they are great to use, instead of hot glue guns, and liquid glue. You can use them on just about any surface. They work great on paper, foam, gems, photo’s and so much more! For little kids they are great cause you don’t have to stop and wait for things to dry. Face it we all know how impatient they can get!!

You can find more info on Glue Dots Facebook or Glue Dots on Twitter. Want more info on Summer Bonding projects? Go Here.

I wrote this post in participation of the Twittermoms and GlueDots blogging contest to be eligible to be entered in a contest for a $30 gift card. If you would like to participate, you can find more info click here.

*I received Glue Dots in order to create my project.  I received no monetary compensation.


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