Monday, January 4, 2010

Simple Woman’s Daybook:

For today January 4th, 2010
Outside my window… it is down right cold, yes, I know most of you are saying…Florida how cold can it be, but let me tell ya! Its been in the 20-30’s this past few days, and I’ve heard that it is suppose to hit the teens sometime this week. Very cold for us!!! BRRRR!
I am thinking…. wow can it really be 2010 already?? I mean, WOW! I remember 2000 like it was yesterday. Where has the time gone??
From my imagination…. Not to much…getting myself back into the swing of the normal routine. Amazing how almost a 3 week vacation can throw you off. Phew!
I am thankful for…. being able to spend almost 3 weeks with my kids. Even though they may not have been always the best behaved, we had some really good times, and made some great family memories.

From the kitchen... Not sure, that is up to Hubby tonight. Back to the grind for me…. Got some activities tonight.
I am wearing….  Pants, t-shirt with my green sweatshirt over it, and socks! Brr!! (sad I know)
I am reading… Some more books from Debbie Macomber….and I have one from Susan Wiggs to read this week. Plus a few new ones I picked up for a buck at the bookstore…
I am hoping…. The kids are able to transition back into school ok, and not be to tired and cranky from yet another change.
I am creating…. Organization! Yes, I did get the kids room cleaned, and purged out after Christmas… and I have done half of mine… What a difference! Oh my, I feel better already.

I am hearing….. Silence….Everyone is still sleeping. I decided I needed to get back on routine, so I’m up!
One of my favorite things…. Spending time with my friends and family… sharing giggles and stories.
A few plans for the rest of the week…. Dance, Girl Scouts, Library, Cub Scouts, Grocery Shopping, helping out a friend, Leaders meeting, a play date for Sage maybe… and this weekend is kick off for Girl Scout Cookies!!!
A Picture I am sharing….  Sage being silly at the playground. She loves to climb up in these spots and just chill.
Sage relaxing

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Holly said...

Girl Scout cookies?? Sign me up! I want some!