Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pinewood Derby


Our yearly Cub Scout Derby was this past weekend. Hunter really enjoys making the car for the Pinewood Derby. This year we looked through some patterns and really wanted to make something different than an ordinary car. Which can I tell you there really are some amazing ideas out there by kids! I’ve seen SpongeBob cars, cheese cars, sports cars, military cars, and so much more. The imagination on these kids are just fabulous! I love to see what they come up with.

After some debating Hunter decided on a ship this year. We cut it, and he sanded it down…. and then we got to work on figuring out the color scheme and design. Michael's had a sale on the paint that I use, so I headed over and picked out a number of colors for him to chose from.


In the meantime, we were also working on two other cars. This year our pack decided to also have a sibling race. Andy picked the design of their cars, They helped sand them and then picked their colors and painted. Hunter settled on a pirate ship theme to his. It came out really nicely I think. The girls of course needed to have pink, and purple in their cars! All and all i think that they did a very nice job.


Sage’s car


Rachel’s car

Hunter placed 5th in our den. Not sure what he was between Bears & Wolves. He was a bit disappointed since last year he placed 2nd, but I had to explain to him that their was a bit more competition this year. He might have a chance at going to Districts for design, or even getting it for our pack. I’m very proud of them all. It was a pretty good success.


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