Monday, January 25, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook:

For Today January 25th, 2010 
Outside my window… it is a bit rainy. The sun is starting to appear, but not fast enough. 

I am thinking…. Oh so much to do today.... speaking of which, I need to go get a load of laundry in the washer. Thanks for reminding me!! :)

From my imagination…. Not to much today. We need to paint our derby cars later this week, but no time today. 

I am thankful for…. fun days with family and friends. We had a wonderful weekend with friends at 2 different birthday parties. It was a blast and we all enjoyed it.

From the kitchen... Not sure, i'm not cooking today. Leaving that up to someone else, as I have extra curricular things today for the girls.

I am wearing….  Jeans, cause its windy and chilly with the rain.

I am reading… Heart of Texas 3... and a few others that have come in that I'm reviewing.

I am hoping…. that Hunter can get out of this funk he is in, and act better. 
I am creating…. Derby cars with all three kids. We finished sanding them, on Wednesday we are going to put on the first coat of paint, or maybe Tuesday if we have enough time.
I am hearing….. The kids watching cartoons. Another Monday off from school.

One of my favorite things…. The smell of pumpkin candles burning

A few plans for the rest of the week…. Dance, Girl Scouts, Library, Cub Scouts…Playground, maybe a lunch date, Pinewood Derby, and some shopping for the kids. Need to get them some new clothes, they have had a huge growth spurt!

A Picture I'm sharing.....  Sage with her face painted as a birthday cake. Odd I know, but that is what she asked for!!!


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Berry Patch said...

That photo is hilarious! ;-)