Tuesday, January 5, 2010



Before the kids headed back to school, we wanted to take them on one last outing. So we got them packed up and headed out in the rain.. (yup decided to pour before we left) To go to a local mall…. The mall your saying??

No, we didn’t go shopping. We took them bowling, or local mall has a bowling alley, movie theatre, and arcade. The kids were beyond excited. Hunter has been bowling once a few years ago at a friends birthday party…the girls had never been.

They had a blast, and did really well. I was very impressed! Sage had to get the little ramp thingy to help cause she couldn’t quite throw the ball far enough, but she did good. She actually almost kicked all our butts!

Here are few pictures of our fun afternoon.

Bowling for the first time as a family @ Eagle Ridge Mall FL

Hunter getting up a good swing to throw that ball!

Sage with some help bowling!

Rachel with her ball

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Berry Patch said...

My boys LOVE to go bowling! They are bugging me already to take them out this winter. ;-) I was hoping the Wii would satisfy them but apparently they want REAL bowling balls. LOL