Sunday, January 10, 2010

Computer issues......

Sorry we haven't been around much lately... Its been a crazy start to getting back into our routine after school started back. Along with our extra activities. Then for some reason every meeting that I attend (being a leader of most of my kids activities) ended up being this week too! Phew, I'm tired all over again just talking about it! 

Then to top off my week, we got a virus on our computer! Yup, so the hubby had to fix it. Thank goodness that is what he went to school for.....but even still, it takes time, saving the important stuff, making sure we didn't loose anything to big that couldn't be replaced. Thankfully after the a couple of days we got it all back in working order, but I'm still slowly downloaded my programs I Windows Live writer! I love this program to do my blog post!

Therefore, here we are.... rested, re focused and trying to catch up. I am working on some new reviews, giveaways, and stories to tell you! I am trying to come up with something new to do on my blog this year... is there anything you would like me to share, tell or do a post about? Questions for me?? Anything??? Feel free to let me know! 

I hope that everyone is having a great start to their New Year! I know ours is, even over our super busy schedule!

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