Sunday, November 29, 2009

What we did…. with a week’s vacation:


my kids were ever so lucky to have this holiday week off. Not so sure if I was lucky or not! LOL! Ok, they were ok…we had our meltdown moments of course, and we had some really good laughs, family times, and cuddling. It was nice to have them all home to spend time with them. Just wish they hadn’t been still recovering from a icky cold, so we could have done more.

We did manage to sneak in a game night! Where Sage & Rachel won at Alphabet Fish ( cool card game, I got at Toys R Us for learning your letters..matching upper and lower case!) Then Sage won again at Sorry! We love to play this one, cause it helps with their counting skills, and cause its just plain fun. Always full of suspense cause the game can turn at the last minute.

Sage playing cards

Sage playing Sorry

Kids in front of the Sorry board

Another day we made some puppets from a kit I got from Target! I must say I bought them on clearance for $2.50 for 3 puppets, and I think it was worth it. They are cute, and pretty sturdy… and have provided a few hours of fun, and hopefully many more!

Puppet Collage


Of course Rachel and Hunter where super excited that they got to go to see Mrs. D at the library! That is really the whole holiday vacation treat for them, is a trip to the library. They love it. Then of course after we had our story,craft, and picked out books.

We had a great Thanksgiving…. with lots of yummy treats!

We did manage to make it to the playground for a bit on Sunday, after we got all bundled up! Yes, for Florida we had some cold weather. It was chilly out!


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Tara said...

I remember wearing a coat that looked much a like a parka when I lived in Florida. A visit to Vermont (and snow) was always too cold! So funny to think about it now since the cold is deemed normal and we tolerate a whole lot more of it!