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TOS Crew: Circle Time Review



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I’m always looking for ways to improve our homeschool schedule. Or ways to make things run more smoothly. I had the opportunity over the last few weeks to review Circle Time by Preschoolers and Peace.


What is Circle Time:


Is meant for kids of all ages. You bring everyone together for a group teaching time, where you can pray, work, laugh, and just enjoy each other.

This book helps you break down what you are going to do, and how to utilize your time.

Here are a few things you will find in the book . . .

  • Planning Circle Time
  • Strategies for Peaceful Time Together
  • How to Get Your Kids on Board
  • Questions from Other Moms Like You
  • Words of Wisdom
  • Resources
  • Activities
  • Printable Planner Sheet




How we used it:

To implement this we had our “Circle Time” in the morning. We started with calendar time, what chores were expected of them for the day, and if we had any plans for the day. Due to the span of ages of my two monkey’s, we only do science together. We would work on that, and then they would work on  their memorization. Little Monkey is working on Subtraction Facts, and Monkey Man is working on Multiplication (while he is past this, he still struggles to remember them).

Some days we would spice it up with a poem read by one of them, or they picked a song to sing.

I really liked that we came together for about an hour to an hour and a half in the morning before starting our day. Gives us a nice start to the day.


About the Author:


Circle Time is written by Kendra the mom of 8 kids. She started the website Preschoolers and Peace after giving a workshop on how to homeschool older kids with younger kids underfoot. Currently she still writes and speaks to women whenever it is possible.



My Thoughts:


I found this e-book to be good. I do wish their was a bit more information on how to get a schedule started, or more how to. I felt a bit lost trying to get it all together and making it work for us. However, maybe I was just overwhelmed.

I think this 33 page e-book would be really good for a first time homeschooler. This would be a great place for them to start.

I only have two children that I homeschool currently, and they are pretty close in age. Therefore, I do not have the underfoot problem of younger children.

I did give this a try just the same. I needed a good way to get our homeschool day going, so I used this to help with the start of our day. This is our peaceful time, and we sit and start with our day.  

On the website she has a nice list of resources too.



While this may not have been perfect for us, I do believe this would work great for a bigger family. I think it is a great product overall.



You can purchase Circle Time e-book for $4.99 here.



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