Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wedding Bliss. . .



Over the last few days, I have been super crazy with helping my best friend with last minute wedding details. We have been friends 15 years. We have been there for births of our children, during sad times, moving, and so much more.


I was more than happy to help with her wedding. The wedding was a small one, right at their home. They are country people, so of course the theme of the wedding reflected that. It was an outdoor wedding, and the guys vest had real tree cameo on them.

Well you should know that if anything is going to go wrong it was going to. Friday went smoothly, we cut up the food, made the salads, got all the decorations together, and had the rehearsal. Then a huge thunderstorm came in. Which meant the wind was blowing and there was lots of rain.

Saturday morning came, and I got a wake up call at 7am. (The day of the wedding) The power had been out since 9:30pm the night before, and it wasn’t looking like it would be back on until 2pm. The wedding was at 2pm! Plus the garage had been soaked in the rain storm. Water all over the floor, and tables. (were the reception was going to be) Not to mention it was still kind of misting and rainy. Out the door I went, hoping I had everything I needed in toe.

It was just Monkey Man and me, and we went right to work. He pushed all the water to the drains, or out the door. While I went to work to finish the rest of the food. Thank goodness for a generator! Got the garage all cleaned up and dried up, and we went to work decorating it.


Maid of Honor’s Flowers


Brides Flowers


In the end, stress and all it was a beautiful wedding. The sun came out just in time, and the bride was absolutely gorgeous! I am so blessed to have been part of it. I was also the photographer, and I was super nervous about that. I hope I did a great job..

She doesn’t want all her pictures online, but I’m going to share a few of the ones I can.. Enjoy!



The rings.. (idea from pinterest)


Putting on Ring


Camo Background
My husband and I


A family picture from the day…



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