Friday, July 19, 2013

Mid-Summer Update:


Can you believe that summer is almost over? I mean we are only a few days away from August. Where did it go?


While we have had some pretty funky weather of lots of rain, then extreme heat, and now some relatively decent temperatures.

So, while we have struggled to keep our lawn mowed. (It became a jungle a few times) Was extremely late in getting our garden in, though its coming along nicely. We have had time to go on a trip, enjoy some swimming with friends, have some BBQ’s and play with friends.
















One thing we do every summer is go to the local library for their summer program. It breaks up our week, and gives the kids a chance to see some local friends. This week we went to see a program put on by Chewonki. Which does some really cool programs. They did one on owls last year, and this year they did one on tales and scales. So you guessed it, they brought with them a lizard, turtle, snake, and alligator. The kids loved this! Plus we could count it as a science class for the day!










If you have followed my facebook page at all, I’m sure you saw that we also got some bad news this week. My stepfather lost his long time battle with Alzheimer's. He has been progressively getting worse over the last year. The kids have done very well, with helping us with his care. As he was in our house (we live with my mom, so we could help care for him) for the last two weeks of his life. I was touched by the compassion my kids had. Little Monkey used to go in every morning and talk to him, even though he couldn’t talk back. She especially loved feeding him breakfast. They have had a rough time with his passing, but they all know he is in a better place.


Then this Saturday we are celebrating the wedding of my best friend. The kids are really looking forward to this. We are excited to have something to lift our spirits.


What have you been up to this summer?

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Billie-Jo said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss Monica. I'm sure the last few months haven't been easy. :( We miss you guy's. Billie, and Garri :)