Friday, March 8, 2013

Little Monkey’s Room…



So with spring in the air… I’m on a big organizational kick. After our renovation last year, we have been trying to get everything where it needs to be. We are still trying to get the room dry walled and painted. Only taking a year, to get this far. LOL!


There was no shortage of ideas when the kids new were were going to paint their rooms. Little Monkey decided she wanted a Lala Loopsy room. I’m no artist that I assure you! I am a stick figure, paint by number kind of mom. Ha-ha! After some deliberation we decided to make a scene on her walls, with sky, hills, tree’s, and flowers. Then we bought the Lala Loopsy people wall stickers, so we don’t have to paint them. We are not completely done yet, but we are getting there.. Here are some pictures of what we have started.









After Little Monkey’s room is done, we will start on Middle Monkey’s room. She wants a Tinkerbell room, with spring, summer, fall, and winter. She wants a winter side with Periwinkle, which is Tinkerbell’s sister from the new movie. That should be really interesting….


Monkey man is another whole story. He wants a Greek Mythology room, with columns, Greek gods, and the whole works! Have not figured out how I am going to pull that one off. It should be really interesting to say the least. I will however, be sure to keep you posted.


Then when all that is done, I have a living room, and my bedroom to figure out. Plus we are finishing off our attic, to put our school room in. I’m going to be all decorated out by fall. Ha-ha!!


What fun spring projects are you up to?


OSOTM said...

Pretty cool! I like how you put the sun around the window! Creative touch!

Karyn Tripp said...

Those are stickers?? So cool!