Thursday, February 28, 2013

Time is flying…


Wow, can you believe that February has flown by? I mean, it seems like just yesterday I was saying, “February is here”. Now I’m asking where it went..

We had some fun times in February. We went bowling, the kids learned to roller skate, and we had some fun times with friends. Little Monkey turned 8, and it seems like the month just got busier after that.


I’m in the process of doing some work around our house. I’m trying to paint Little Monkey’s room (all the new rooms we built last year are still just sheet rock). She requested a Lala Loopsy room. Of course I said sure, why not?! I have managed to get the sky painted, and the rolling green hills in the last month, on one side of the room. (still finishing up some mudding on the other side) Next up, we are going to put in the clouds, sun, and tree’s (which will have buttons on them). It will be very cute when it is done.


Then I will still have the other 2 monkey’s rooms to finish. Still debating colors for my living room, and my bedroom. Hubby and I can’t seem to agree on a color. Haha! I’m a bright color kinda girl, and he is a lighter tone person. We will find the perfect color eventually!


Of course, instead of finishing one project at a time, I’m trying to do like 5! I’m also trying to clean up my homeschool bookshelf, and rearrange it, so I can find things more easily. With our year coming to an end (we are done next week.. already put in our 180 days), and our new year starting within the month of March. I would like to start out fresh, and organized. Do you think that will happen?! We also started painting the upstairs hallway, where the washer and dryer were. That was a quick job, so we could install our new washer and dryer this week. Love them though! Plus the washer isn’t sounding like a monster trying to break free!


That has been our February in a nutshell. I still have lots of projects to finish, but hoping to make a dent the first of March. Not holding my breathe though, as we approach Girl Scout Cookie time, they are being delivered this next week, and then it will be cookie booths, and more cookie booths!


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