Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fun during the Blizzard


I’m sure you have all heard by now that the Northeast got hit with a nasty Blizzard last weekend.

Let’s just say this blizzard and I are not friends.. it turned our Saturday upside down. Monkey Man was suppose to have his Blue & Gold Banquet and that got canceled. Plus we were suppose to go to Disney on Ice, which is a yearly thing we do. The kids look forward to it every year. They canceled that as well.

How do you explain this to 3 very anxious Monkey’s who just want to have fun? Well, very carefully. Of course, they understood the weather was bad, and that it wasn’t safe. However, that doesn’t always make it better (even for adults).


So super mom to the rescue.. I looked for local theatres to see what was playing. Wouldn’t you know it was the one weekend of the year, that they had no children’s movies playing!!! Great!

Then I had a light blub go off, bowling! We hadn’t been in 2 yrs, and the kids really would enjoy it, and we could have fun as a family. Off we went.. the roads were still a bit slick, but I knew I could make it to the next town over. We were the only ones in the Bowling Alley for the first hour. It was wonderful!

The kids had a blast, and I kicked everyone’s butts in both games! Despite my shoulder.. yeah, might have wanted to think that through a bit more, but the pain was worth it!  Check out our pictures.. (they are not the best, cause I took them with my cell phone)















Then we played a few arcade games, and came home to have dinner, and watch the Flintstones. So while we were disappointed we made the best of it. Where you in the Blizzard? How did you fair?


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