Thursday, May 5, 2011

No-Work Spanish Audiobook Review


My girls started in Public school in Florida. When entering the school district, they had the option to enroll in the Dual Language Class. Which meant, that they had English for half the day, and then Spanish for half the day. To help aid in the learning of Spanish, their classrooms were mirror imagines, except all words where in Spanish, and the teachers only spoke Spanish. I was worried at first as this was their first time being exposed to this Language. Totally immersion seemed extreme. However, I must say they both did very well with it. We were only in that district for a year, and a few months, so my youngest didn’t get as much.

Middle Monkey did however, and she was really enjoying Spanish. My theory was that in Florida it was good for them, as most the students in the school where Hispanic. If they wanted to make friends, they had to learn to communicate right??

So, when we moved back to Maine. Middle Monkey was a bit upset that we were no longer learning Spanish. I promised to do my best to find a program that would work for their age. This year, I had not yet been successful in this. Middle Monkey still says some words and reads a book with have with Spanish in it, to keep up on what she does know. After all, the do say that the younger they are the better they learn and retain it right?
We were excited as a group to get this opportunity to try to Learn Spanish Audiobook. The concept behind this Spanish Audiobook is that there is no Homework, Language Drills, or work. You just listen and learn. The Audiobook plays in English first, then it repeats in Spanish. Then at the very end of the chapter it says the whole chapter in Spanish.

 No-Work Spanish Audiobooks, has two books to offer right now.
  • Yaks march on Washington: Which is a true story about an Idaho Rancher who travels across country with his trusty dog, and his Yaks.
  •  Poster Girl: Which is about a girl trying to outdo a goody two- shoes student and about problems that might happen if you start a school project the night before its due.
This one is coming soon…. The Case of a missing Poodle: Which is about an eleven year old traveling to see his cousin’s wedding, and he suddenly gets the chance to win $100,000.

A great resource that they also offer is that you can get PDF Copies of Texts of the books. As well as Comprehension practice tests for those in higher grades. If you want to make sure they are going at the right speed.

Due to our busy schedule we spend a lot of time in the car, so we found that was the best time to listen. Pop one in and listen to it. The first few times through my kids looked sort of confused.
As the weeks went on, I heard them telling the story in English, and then they would try to repeat it in Spanish. They have picked up a few words in Spanish, but still do not really know a lot.
I would recommend this for older students. I think that my kids may be to young still to listen and get the right comprehension for these words. My children are only 6, 8, and 9 though. I think that this might be perfect for High School Students.
Not that we are giving up. We still continue to listen to the story in the car, and the kids still are trying to master that Spanish version. I’m not sure I would have bought these for my kids due to their age. If I had a high school student I am sure I would have though!

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