Thursday, May 19, 2011

Girl’s First Daisy Sleepover



First off, I have to say… My girl’s had the best Daisy Leaders ever! They were amazing with these girls, and are so awesome!

They planned a really cool sleepover! We had so much fun!

Friday we arrived, and went on a scavenger hunt. Can never go wrong with that right?? After snack time, we built a stone fire pit.  Which was very amusing, but we did it! Next up was dinner, and then we got ready for our fire, and S’Mores!!! Yum!!!





Saturday after we woke up and had breakfast… And the mommy’s had coffee to keep going! We were off and running! We had some activities and then got the fire pit going to get ready for the ceremony, and bridging!

Around noon, the daddy’s starting showing up. We started the ceremony where to the Daisy’s got their patches….. and the Brownies, did their bridging.





Littlest Monkey is still a Daisy! She was so excited to get her patches. Middle Monkey bridged to Brownies and is beyond excited. She will now be in my troop. I’m super proud of them both! Great jobs girls!

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