Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The beauty of Maine….




is really amazing sometimes. This past week, we had the opportunity to visit a Wildlife Park through our Homeschool Co-op. Since we had never been there, we were really excited.

We took a class, the kids got to learn about Bald Eagles. They learned some really cool facts. Then they got to meet a real live Bald Eagle, he was injured as a baby after falling 70ft from his nest, during a bit of a wind storm. So one of his wings, had to be amputated.


There is a huge amount of animals at this park. Such as Moose, Deer, Skunks, porcupines, Bob Cats, Bears, Fox, Turtles, Eagles, Owls, and Hawks.  Here are a few more pictures.. you can see more about our Field Trip on our Homeschool Blog.







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