Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!



I am sorry I have been missing for a few weeks, here and there. I have been super busy getting ready for the Holiday, and winding down things that we had going on. I’m sure you all know the feeling.

We had a wonderful Holiday, and have made it through one weird (so called) blizzard. I know you have all seen the strange effects of the weather. Crazy wind, snow, rain, and sleet one day…. wait a couple days and then its 50 degrees and sunny!!!

The kids are trying really hard to enjoy the snow, but we haven’t had many opportunities, since as fast as we get it its gone! They did make a couple snowmen, and the last storm gave us enough to slide.

2010 has certainly been an interesting year… We have had some really sad moments, some really happy ones, and some very crazy ones! We have moved 1500 miles again…. and have jumped to a whole new way of life. Left behind some really good friends, and made some new ones.  The kids started their first year of Homeschooling, and has really enjoyed it, and we are doing really good.

Things haven’t always been the best, but we have always been together. So here is to wishing for a Wonderful, Happy, and Healthy New Year!

We are not doing anything special, as hubby had to work tonight, but the kids and I will probably play a few games together, before they go to bed. May you all be safe tonight!


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