Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010



Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!!

Ours was very nice. We did a bunch of prep work the day before, and decided not to do a big meal this year. As my mom and I did not want to work on it all day and clean it up the rest of the day.  (I’m sure some of you mom’s out there can understand)

Instead we did finger foods, buffet style all day. We had sweet and sour hot dogs/meatballs, veggie’s and dip, chips and dip, Chex Mix, and then did Italians for our main meal. What a great idea that was, and way less work!!

Christmas morning was fun. The kids woke up about 7:30ish, which is a switch, as I usually have to wake them up every year. Strange for kids I know!! They were eager to dig into their presents of course….





After that we had a delish breakfast pizza…followed by opening boxes, and digging out the toys! Then we sat and played with new toys and games for the day. It was a blast!!

Hope everyone had a great Holiday as well!

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