Monday, December 13, 2010

Say MMmmm… Website Review

I was very excited to get asked to review this website. It really couldn’t have come at a better time. I have been busy trying to simplify and make meal time way easier.  With 9 of us in our house, it is hard to just come up with last minute meals.

Say MMmmm website, is a great site for centralizing all of your work for meal planning. You can save recipes to from our sites to your list. Which makes meal planning for weeks, or a month, easier to do. You can mark family favorites, so you can find them time and time again. From there you can also make your grocery list. Making everything easy to come up with your menu’s.

I found this site to be extremely useful. Making it much easier to make my menu’s and come up with a shopping list. If you have a smartphone, they even have a feature where you can go to on your phone and just log in like you would from home. You can even share your recipes with Friends and Family. You can copy your own recipes onto the site as well. Another neat feature is that you can put in your favorite restaurants and even schedule it on your menu that you are dining out that evening and where.
I would especially recommend this site to anyone that is busy and needs everything to be in one place when making a menu. Or for any person new to and wanting to make a menu without being to overwhelmed. I know it made my first few attempts a far easier with this website.
Say Mmmm is a free service, up to 100 Recipes. However if you want to switch to Say Mmm Plus you can save more recipes than that. Say MMmm Plus is only $3/month which is really a nice deal for those who are looking to simplify their lives! Some of the extra features to the plus is, that you can add more recipes, track costs, and calories.

You can see a video about how the site work here..
If you would like to talk more with them you can also find them on Twitter and Facebook

*This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by: Say MMmm for this review. I was given a free 6 month plus membership for the purposes of this review.

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