Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another Cub Scout Milestone

Well Hunter has come to another milestone in his Cub Scout adventure.

Over the last month, Hunter has been working on his Whittling chip. He has been working on a walking stick, which he did a really good job on.

As well as he whittled a bar of soap. Which Hunter was really proud, as he made his into a Car, and a scrapper. He was very proud of himself, that he made it into multiple things. It was rather cute!

At his Christmas Party this weekend, he got his Whittling Chip. As well as an extra patch for doing the Food Drive. I was really proud of him, and he is doing very good at earning towards his Bear.

He also got to make a cute little Gingerbread House. We had a wonderful time! We are excited to see what other great achievements he gets!

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