Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Christmas Project…



So after years of moving here and there, and everywhere… we have managed to lose lots of things. One of those was a very special Christmas Stocking that my mom made for me. It was cross stitched and I’m sure took her months to complete. For that I am very sad…However, I loved that my mom took the time to make something like that for me to make memories.

Therefore, this year I got this wild and crazy idea to make my kids their own Christmas stockings, instead of buying them cheap plain jane red ones from the store.

After a few days of working on them, and sticking ourselves with needles, and getting a couple blisters, I was very happy with our end results. As were they, and they got to help, so not only did we create a memory… they will now have one to continue through the years!


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