Monday, February 1, 2010

Simple Woman’s Daybook:





For Today February 1st, 2010 

Outside my window… its still a bit dark, with a bit of a chill in the air…. but suppose to hit the mid 70’s later.


I am thinking…. Today is going to be  a very long day. I am leaving for a car appt, in a few minutes. Then going to the mall for a bit, and when I get home, it will be time for dance, and Girl Scouts!


From my imagination….. Some skit materials for the skit my wolves are doing at the Blue and Gold Banquet this weekend. Should be cute!

I am thankful for…. The ability to provide for my family, even if we don’t always have a lot of money…. I love being FRUGAL!

From the kitchen... Left that up to the husband today. I won’t be home for dinner. Lol

I am wearing….  Shorts, and a t-shirt… and in hopes to pick a few new things at the mall today!

I am reading… Plain Pursuit by Beth Wiseman


I am hoping…. That my order gets here before the weekend, so I will have everything I need!

I am creating…. More organization again. Finally got my new Laptop I have been wanting, so I am transferring stuff and getting everything situated! I LOVE it!!!


I am hearing….. Silence, my kids are not quite up yet… Almost time to get up and get ready for school!

One of my favorite things…. Shopping without any little kids to complain about how long you take!


A few plans for the rest of the week…. Car Appt, Dance, Girl Scouts, Library, Doctor’s appt, Cub Scouts…Roundtable meeting, and Blue & Gold Banquet… Phew I’m exhausted just looking at it!


A Picture I'm sharing.....  None I haven’t added my pic’s to this computer yet… Later this week, I’ll have lots of pictures to share.

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