Sunday, November 9, 2008

Festival of the Arts

What better way to spend a Sunday....then at Downtown Disney at the Festival of Arts! Even better it was all free! Long over due to get out of the house, we decided to take a trip to Downtown Disney. There was many free activities for the kids to do, among the varies booths of Art work. On the West side, their was lots of pictures from various artist, unfortunately I did not get any pictures of it. At Cirque de Soule, they were doing face painting. What an extraordinary job they did. Pictures to follow blog. :) Andy and I even joined in on the fun.... Disney Quest was doing a class, to teach you how to draw different characters. I of course had to make a pit stop at the Candy Cauldron to pick up some much wanted fudge! YUM!!!! Right before entering back to the east side, we stopped at a spot, where the kids made cards, and I was able to get a free issue of Wondertime, and Family Fun magazine. SWEET!

On the East side, we arrived just in time to get free Mickey Ears....with the 2008 logo on it. That of course put us in the mood to feel like tourist. Silly I know...... The Lego store was having you make Lego bricks, to help make their 8ft Pirate. Sage made a red one, and Hunter and Rachel made a yellow one. Now they can say they helped make it! When it is completely put together i will post a picture! Next to the World of Disney store, they had pastel chalks, for the kids to draw on the sidewalk. I of course captured some pictures! Our next stop the kids colored a picture, and they made it into a button. I thought, that was really cool. Then out of a coffee cover lid, they put beads on a plastic thread (for lack of better words) and made it into a necklace. Needless to say we had a ton of fun, and enjoyed our selves a lot. I hope you enjoy our pictures.

Making there card

The kids with their faces painted

The kids making their masterpiece!

The local artists chalk work


Stinson Family said...

Wow! That is great that they do a lot of it for free. The kids look great with their faces painted.

Berry Patch said...

So cool! Let me know how you like Wondertime. I just bought a subscription for both that & Family Fun.

The Eagen's said...

Oh, I love those ears! Too cute! So glad that you guys are enjoying discovering Florida. So many great memories are being made. :-)

Martha said...

Wasn't FOM awesome? My daughter is 11, and was not too interested in all of the crafts, etc. but we had a great time checking out all of the chalk art. We went on Saturday, and then back again on Sunday to see the finished products.

Looks like your kids had a great time!