Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Family Game Night...

As a busy family of 5 we are often faced with "Quality Time" issues. Often making it hard for us to do individual time for each child..... Therefore, a while ago we came up with a Family Game Night. Mind you it may not always be on the same night... depends on the schedule. This past Saturday afternoon with the question of what to do, we turned it into a game opportunity. (even though we left our kid games in Maine, what was I thinking I know) However, luck have it... Nana stumbled across a sale and was able to pick up Candy Land, and Chutes and Ladders practically nothing. I was so excited! :) Here are a few photo's of us, having fun!

Candy Land Oh, the memories! :)

Chute's & Ladders! Another favorite.....

Aside from our Family Game Night, we also have a few other family things we put on the calendar for once a month. Such as, Pizza Night where we make homemade pizza together...making it a family event. Also, we do a Movie Night where we pick a family movie, new or old, make popcorn, or sundaes, and curl up on the floor and watch! These are just a few ideas we have..... what do you do for special family time on a regular basis?

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