Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Well as we venture our way into November... can you believe its the beginning of November already?? Our family has settled in to our new home pretty nicely so far. The kids are still getting used to some parts of it, but are doing decent. The girls are getting into a daytime routine, one day at a time. They look forward to Story time at the Library on Tuesday's. We found a place for the girls to take dance, finally. Its a nice place, the prices aren't bad. I mean not cheap, but aren't bad. There is no Registration Fee, and the cost of the costume comes out of there monthly tuition, as well as 4 tickets to the Recital. I thought that was pretty decent. No upfront costs, and no big cost a month before Christmas. She is very well known, and actually opened for the Macy's Day parade last year, and has been invited back again this year to close for them, without having to audition. That NEVER happens. Needless to say, I was impressed with her. So, with any luck Rachel may be starting by the end of the month. If not, we will enroll both girls next fall. We are concerned money will be in an issue, so we want to be sure.

Hunter has been doing fairly well in school. I got his first Report Card, and was impressed with him academically. Not so much, behavior wise. He received an "A" in reading. Which, yes he has always loved books, and liked being read too. But I have to say, I am VERY impressed with how far he has come in his reading in a month. He reads to me a few nights a week, while I am making dinner, and then I read to the kids almost every night. Recently I started having him read a book to me, and then I read one to him, a few times a week. I wish you all could hear him. :) In writing he got a "C", which really did not come to me as a shock. Why, you ask? Well, cause he is sloppy...feeling the need to rush thru it. However, to solve that for next quarter, we are working on that at home. He is doing some copy work, and writing stories. We will see how that pays off! Next, he got a "B" in spelling. Which came up from a few weeks ago. This is mainly due to the fact, he is spelling like a word sounds. So, I can not get mad at him for that. He does work hard on it. Finally, he got a "B" in both Science and Social Studies. Though, I have not seen any work in this, so I am not really sure what they consider those to be! He did do his first Report last week at school though, on Indians, I did not know anything about it, so when he brought it home, I was so impressed with him! Yes, I had a Proud Mommy Moment! As far as BoyScouts goes, he is doing good. This month, he will receive his Bobcat Badge, and a ton of beads for accomplishments, and electives. We have been working hard! I will have photo's not to worry!

Andy got a job, not what we were hoping for, but a job. It is a start, and will keep us going while we look for something. I'm thinking about applying to Bath & Body Works, or Micheal's, to work part-time. Either one would be fun, since I LOVE both stores. I will keep you updated on that. Other than that, we are finding our way around... and learning to take advantage of the area. We are looking to go to a "Movie in the Park" this Saturday. Yes, I said in the park. Interesting huh? I am excited to check it out actually. They offer a free movie....this month happens to be "Spiderwick Chronicles" .... and free popcorn. You can either bring your own drinks, or they sell them. Other than that.... not much new. I hope that this finds all of you in good health, and spirits. I hope that you have a fabulous Thanksgiving! We miss you all tons!


Dianna said...

that is awesome about Hunter! BUT you need to change that color! I couldn't read it. WOW talk about messing with your eyes LOL

Berry Patch said...

It sounds like you all are settling in nicely. It takes time to adjust to a new move & figure out all you need to. The movie in the park sounds awesome!

Stinson Family said...

Please tell Hunter Congrats for us. I love the movies in a park and that is great that they hand out popcorn as well. I wouldn't mind working at either store, I am also a fan of both. I wish you the best of luck with that.

The Eagen's said...

Glad to hear that all is going well and working out for you guys. It sounds like they have a lot more things to do for kids down there than they do up here. Stupid Maine -- I hate it here!