Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our new calendar.....

While we were out today, just checking things out, and wasting some time. It was some well needed time out of the house. The kids had started to go crazy, and just needed a change of scenery. We really didn't have a plan, or a certain destination. We decided to just wing it! :)
Our first stop was at Micheal's, my new place to shop. Halloween clearance is a great place to start. They had some cute baskets we looked at, and we checked out the cookie cutters, and decorations. After looking around there, we headed to Kissimmee. I even took a different way, and didn't get lost. There we went to the Super Target, they had a bigger selection of some things. I found our new calendar in the Toy Department. It is a magnetic one, with different blocks, with activities on it. I thought maybe this would help with the girls to know when certain activities, holidays and such were. Plus the other side is a white board. I love white boards! So, we put it together for November. Their were some blocks that we would never use, such as Jewish Holidays and such. So, we covered them with white labels, and custom made some o fit our family. Like we have a cub scout one, game night, and each kids has a special one with their name on it. We are using those, for an incentive, when they are good for a week (within reason, I don't except perfection) or like if Hunter gets good marks at school. That child gets to chose a special activity for the family to do. Here is our finished product for the month of November!
After we left Target, we went to JoAnn Fabric's. I have been wanting to get to it for a couple weeks now. They had a good scrapbooking sale going on. I picked up a big book of paper for half off, and a few sheets for 20 cents a piece, instead of 50 cents a piece. I'm telling ya, I could spend so much money on scrapbooking stuff if I let myself. I have to be so careful! It's fun though... and I am getting a lot done. I just had 140 pictures made up, that should keep me busy for a few weeks. I'll keep you posted on my progress!

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Berry Patch said...

I like the new calendar! Do you have an AC Moore nearby? They are awesome too - in case you needed another scrapbooking store to check out! ;-)