Thursday, April 10, 2008


I'm fed up with the decisions our school board keeps making for our school. So, I have stepped away from the meetings for awhile..... Meanwhile... I am trying to make a really hard decision. How do you ever really know you are making the right decision for your child??? I mean no matter what you decide, you can never be completely sure ... can you??? So, I am going out on a limb... and hoping for a really good outcome. I have already decided to homeschool my daughter who will be 5 in October... I'm also very excited to have found a follow mom who knows what it is like to deal with a daughter that has Sensory Ingreation Disorder. I really cannot tell you how happy I am about that. It gives me so much relief in a lot of ways. Anyway back to my really big dilemia. So, hunter had a huge melt down at school yesterday. I feel as though the teacher already has a big target on his back... and then this happens. He is so unhappy in this class. (I know that goes against my orginal statement) After this incident and the things he has told me. I believe that he is just not doing well there. He is bored, and she refuses to challenge him. I think he really needs to have some hard work. He loves to do school work, as we do it at home all the time during the summer. By his request!! Therefore, I have decided that I think he will do better at home. I have made the decision to homeschool him as well next year. I think this will benefit him in the long run. He needs to be challenged and have his time with mommy that he feels he is missing out on. Yes, he told me that he is upset that school takes his time with me away... (out of his own mouth) So, I have decided that I think he will do better here. I am pretty excited about this venture, and hope that I am making the right decision. I am still working on what is best for the school, as I think that they are going to be losing a huge asset to this town if our school is closed... since it is one of the only things holding this town together. Thanks again for listening! ;)


Berry Patch said...

Congrats on going with this decision, Monica! I'm sure it will work out just fine & you know you can call me/e-mail me any time with questions! :-)

Tara said...

Sounds all too familiar! Gabi has told me she misses her time with me in so many different ways! (ie: they get you all day, I need you more than they do...etc) So many similarites... and I hear you about the school board... wish they'd start thinking about what's best for the kids and not just how to close down schools and cattle drive them into on large one too far away from many of us!