Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mud, Water and Rocks

Two things that children love to get into when you ask them not too! So the weather has been incredible the last few days!! In the mid 60's! Therefore, the kids and I have been outside enjoying the beautiful weather! We have been riding bikes... and kicking some balls around. Well both times I have asked the kids to not go in the mud puddles, and the muck! Of course you know that is the first place they went... Sage took a head dive in the mud, covered the pants, coat and went in her mouth. Boy was she mad! I thought it was rather cute... lol... Then Rachel decided to go running around with her frog boots on, while waiting for the bus. Wouldn't you know she would fall down on her knee's in the mud with her BRAND NEW WHITE TIGHTS! She stands up and says to me "its ok, YOU can wash them" Then their is Hunter he feels the need to go right through the mud and water with every and I mean every pair of sneakers he owns!!! AHHHH!! So, my detail today has been doing laundry to clean all these mud covered clothes, coats, shoes, and boots. Despite this all, I must say how excited I am that Spring is here! I love the weather and the smells, and flower..... I love it! May you all have a great spring! More photo's to follow. (Notice I picked a spring color!)

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