Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saturday Night Fun!

Saturday's at the bertone house are usually our family nights..... Although once or twice a month we try to get together with some friends. This past saturday (March 26th) we went to Amanda & Eric's house for a cookout/game night. Adawna & Aaron joined our evening of fun as well. Making our total 8 children and 6 adults (3 of them most of the time acting like children) lol.. This saturday we decided to have a cookout, so eric cooked up the chicken, while us gals chatted it up. The kids played on the swings and ran like wild animals! :) Then after dinner we had some reallly good smore's on at the fire pit. A great way to start the summer I must say. Then after our wonderfull snack of the evening, we retreated inside, as the mosquito's are out! Ick! The kids settled in by watching a movie, and most were out within minutes. Then us adults played a tacticle game of Life (electronic).. Sad I know..but I must say. We have a blast, lots of laughs. Couldn't ask for a better time among friends. It has made a huge difference in our families, and friendships to do this a few times a month. Great place to have free fun! Never do we walk away without some laughs, and practical jokes. Somehow I got drenched this weekend. I enjoy our times tremendously! Thanks guys!

Aaron & Adawna

Eric being a dork!

Hunter, Autumn, & Isaac eagerly awaiting the Smore's

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Stinson Family said...

I really love cook outs. It is soo much fun to have everyone over. I miss having bombfires, you really can't have those in the city.