Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The Baseball Season is upon us!! I must say that Hunter is so excited. His favorite sport is soccer, but I must say he really is getting into baseball this year! He even has a favorite team this year! Can you guess what it is?? That's right "THE REDSOX"!! He is really cute when he says it! I'm hoping to get him to a Seadogs game this year. I think he will really enjoy it. Although, if you look at him during pratice, my son will be the child out in the field pickin his nose, or staring off in space!!! He is a great batter, and has a great arm, but he is afraid of the ball when it comes time to catch it. So, I need to work on that with him. Maybe if I wrap pillows and duct tape around him, he would be ok?? What do you think??? The name of his team this year is the "EMBDEN MUD DOGS". Yes, the children picked that out this year. Pretty inventive! I think, that they will do a good job. I will keep you updated. Our frist game is May 13th.

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