Thursday, January 17, 2013

Working on my goals…





So remember at the beginning of the year, when I said instead of resolutions this year I was going to set goals? If not you can see that here. Well we are almost 3 weeks into the New Year, and most people have slacked on their resolutions if not given up on most of them.

Above you can see the most recent picture I have.. (usually you only get my head shot, due to my not liking how I look) I’m sharing it with you, so when I have lost the weight I want… I can show you the difference! Wish me luck!

I am happy to say, that I am still going pretty good, and trying to keep to my goals. Over the last few months, I have been slowly losing weight or maintaining. I haven’t gained any back (so far). Well I’m happy to say that last week I lost 5 more pounds.

Not sure if I mentioned that I was boarder line diabetic. I’m able to control it so far with diet. However, if I don’t improve my eating habits, that will no longer be true. I struggle with exercise, since a lot of my days are spent in my car, or schooling my kids. I’m trying to work on getting myself back in the habit of getting on my treadmill for an hour a day. (Still a work in progress)

I recently went to get my shoulder looked at. It has been bugging me big time. They decided I had a torn tendon. For now, they have given me a Cortisone shot, and hope that helps instead of resorting to surgery. (Like I have time for that) Plus he put me on a anti-inflammatory med. The upside of this medicine? I have to eat before taking it, and I have to take it after breakfast, and after lunch. I am not a breakfast or lunch eater… so this has been a challenge for me. So what is the upside? It is putting me back in the habit of eating three meals a day!

So starting this week, I decided to cut back (out) carbs. I am trying to keep them as low as possible. That is extremely hard, when you’re a bread, pasta, ice coffee chip eater! Yup, that is me in a nut shell! So far I have been doing really well with it. I’m kind of doing this strange Atkins/limited carb diet. What is that right? Well with Atkins, you eat nothing but meats and green veggies. I can’t cut everything at once, so I decided that I was going to cut it pretty drastically.. but not completely. I think my total carb intake for the day most days is around 20-40. For a diabetic they don’t recommend more than 100 a day.

What is the hardest… I have to watch the others in my house eating carbs. I’m doing really good though. For breakfast I have been eating eggs/bacon or sausage, at lunch I am eating either a wrap with turkey and veggies (on a flaxseed wrap that is only 5 carbs), or a slice of turkey, raw veggies, and cottage cheese. Dinner is the hardest.. and at dinner we have been having a meat, veggie. Like tonight, I had shrimp in a butter garlic sauce, and salad. Yummy!

I have to say pinterest has been the best. I can find some really good low carb meals! Love it! Of course that doesn’t mean on my really good day, I will have 2 small scoops of ice cream. (That is one thing I don’t want to completely give up.. LOL)


I will do my best to keep you updated with how I am doing, if you want to know..


What was one of your goals?

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Deborah said...

I am also in the process of losing some weight. :o)

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