Monday, January 7, 2013

Other uses for staples…



Yesterday afternoon, I left my Monkey’s in the capable hands of their father (aka Monkey Dad, as we will start to refer to him on here). I had to be off on my mommy duties, learning about glorious Cookies for Girl Scouts.. but I’m rambling. While I was gone, the Monkeys decided they wanted to go out and play in the snow. Which was good, since it has been so cold, and they have been sick, it was time. They were getting very cooped up in the house, and it was starting to show!


Apparently while outside sledding and playing in the fluffy snow, Monkey Man decided to pick up a piece of ice (now mind you, we have spoken to him about this numerous times). I’m thinking his cricket didn’t chime in that he was about to do something bad. He then threw said piece of ice, in the direction of his sister (however, not directly at her HE SWEARS). While wouldn’t you know it hit her square in the head.

Screaming, lots of crying, and some blood later.. Monkey Dad called me (I was on my way home) and told me that I wasn’t getting out of the car when I got home. She had a 1/2 inch gash in her head, and he couldn’t tell but thought that there was something in it.

Upon arriving home 5 minutes after he called me, out the door came a crying monkey with a cloth to the head. I just sighed, got her buckled up and headed back off to the hospital. What a zoo that was!! Oh my! No rooms left, so we got stuck in the hallway with a privacy screen. I didn’t really care, just wanted to make sure that we were seen pretty promptly, I was hungry and wanted to go home! This was also the spot where the ambulances came to, so every time they came (about 6 while we were there) and opened the big door, we got a blast of ice cold air! BRR!

Middle Monkey was a very good sport about this all though. Of course, having an electronic device with some Lego apps on it, sure did help! We waited about 20 minutes to see the Doctor, which really is not bad at all. She poked around a bit, pushed and pulled, but decided there was nothing in it that she could see. However, middle monkey was going to need 3 staples. Immediately upon hearing that, she was insistent that she was not getting them! They nicely explained to her that they would numb the spot with cream. It was cold, but she didn’t complain. Then after it was completely numb, they numbed her more with a needle in a few places. That stung a bit, so she winced in pain, but did very well. Just to be on the safe side a nurse came in to help hold her head still, so we didn’t fling staples in the wrong places!

Middle Monkey got some music going on the IPod, and I told her to focus on that. The doctor inserted the first staple, and she didn’t even feel it. The second and third was a bit more painful. She cried out that it hurt and whimpered, but held it together very well. I was so proud of her!

After arriving home, and getting ready for bed the numbness started to wear off. So, we had a bit of a long evening. Even with Tylenol she was in pain, my heart broke for her. By midnight she was finally able to fall asleep.


Here is a picture of her battle scars! She was an amazingly brave girl! (Anyone who knows her, this was huge)



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