Saturday, January 26, 2013

Art projects…


For this year, my 4H group has decided to do art projects for our year. Since there is only three families this year, we have been rotating turns teaching different things.. We have done some really cool projects.


I’ll recap the year, before showing you the one we did this year. We started the year with this neat Leaf project. We took clay and cut out around a leaf, and pressed it in to the clay to get the impression. Then after they dried, we painted them.. Here is a picture of our start..





Unfortunately, while waiting for ours to dry, they got knocked over and broken. After many tears from the 3 monkeys… we agreed to try and remake them in the spring.

Our next project was a fun craft for Thanksgiving, and I didn’t really get any good pictures of that. Next up was a cooking day… We made cookies for our bake sale.





We missed our next meeting due to illness, since this time of year it is full of that! Blah! We made it up at the next meeting. The next project we tried was this really cool mosaic. The kids used picture frames, glass stones, and tacky glue. It was really neat to see the different ideas they came up with for this. My middle monkey decided to do a letter, while my son did a triton.






The next week was mine.. and let me tell you sometimes getting these projects can be very hard. Sure you can find tons of things to try, but keeping the cost down, and trying to make it friendly for ages 5-16 can be tricky. I am a huge Pinterest fan, so this is where I usually go to find my ideas. I just happened to stumble across a couple of cool projects. The first was turning candle sticks, or in some of our kids cases, vases into sea glass. Or looking like sea glass. Here is what they looked like…







We also did another project that day. We made ceramic tile coasters. This was so cool! I tried one at home first to see how it would work. You take a ceramic tile which you can get at Home Depot or Lowes, and you clean it with alcohol. To get the really cool effect, you have to use alcohol ink on them. I had never heard of that before, but after doing some research found that it was carried at AC Moore. They come in some really nice colors too. Then you just drop a small drop on your tile, and watch it spread, if you want to stop it you drop another color. To see the colors the kids picked, and the designs they tried to do was so amazing! Here are a few that we did…








There is what we have done so far.. We really do enjoy doing these cool art projects, but sometimes may I say man they are hard to come up with!!!





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