Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Monkey Man moves up in rank…



Its that time of year again… Monkey man, had Crossover this past weekend. It was a crazy weekend, at that.. but I was able to pull it all together, and make it on time to his Crossover. (I hate missing anything that my kids do)

This year, really wasn’t a huge deal.. as he moved up, but it isn’t a huge move. This year he was in Weeblo’s and so at crossover he moved to Weeblo 2. Which is where he will be for another 6 months (possibly a year, depends on what they plan on doing) and then he will move to Boy Scouts.



I can’t believe he will be in Boy Scouts next year. It seems so weird to think that he is getting that big on me. I love to see him gain that independence through Cub Scouts though, and that he and his dad enjoy so much together with it.


He earned the scroll for wearing his uniform to every meeting this year.

Here is to another year of Scouts!!!


Check back this summer, to hear about our crazy two weeks at Cub Scout Day Camp. Hubby and I are both volunteering this year… and the theme is the Wild West! Should be interesting!

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