Friday, May 4, 2012

Girl Scouts Celebrate 100 yrs!!!




On March 12, 2012 Girl Scouts officially had its 100th Birthday! Can you believe that? 100 yrs of Girls learning to be strong, determined, responsible adults. I’m very proud to be part of this huge group.

Our local Service Unit got together with a neighboring one, and we set to work on a 100th Birthday Celebration. I not thinking clearly again, decided to help with this committee.

After months of work, and lots of people putting in some work, we had our Celebration on April 21st. It wasn’t exactly what I was thinking it would be, but it was a nice event, and lots of Girls attended.

One of our local Juniors designed the patch for us, and she did an amazing job. What do you think?



There were decade tables set up… Here is the one my Co-leader and I worked on (mostly my co-leader, did I mention she is amazing?)


We did origami for our activity…



Others did planting flowers, coloring, jump roping, mini sit-upons, and such.

They had a really cool era room, with stuff from way, way back! Isn’t this Brownie Uniform cool? I wish that they still had the jumper.. I think it is cuter than the skirt they have now.



It was a long, but nice day. The girls had a blast!

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