Thursday, February 25, 2010

My brave man….


was so good yesterday. He went in to have his Tonsils & Adenoids out, and another set of tubes put in his ears. This is the 4th set of tubes he has had put in, so really he is kinda a pro at this! This time though you could see the slight hesitation in him… he wasn’t sure what to expect from the removal of his tonsils, and adenoids.

I was proud of him for going in with a good attitude, and being so chipper, despite the fact he was scared, and starving!

Surgery coloring book

The nurses were great again, they remembered us from Sage’s surgery back in September which you can read about HERE. Matter of fact as I write this, they just called to check on him. :)

Sage was an amazing trooper too… As she had to sit and be good for 6hrs, while we waited for him to go into surgery and come out and be released. They keep them for 4hrs after surgery to make sure they wake up ok, and start to eat, or drink.

Brave boy before having Tonsils, Adenoids out

Hunter woke up ok, but was in a lot of pain, so to clam him down they gave him some pain meds, that made him sleep again. Once those kicked in we were able to get him to eat a popicle. Plus when he got home he ate some Jello, pudding, and ice cream. So he is already doing better than Sage in that aspect.

Waiting for the doctor at Sage's appt 

He is out of school for a week or so. We have all his work though, so we will have it done, and ready for his return. I’m very proud of how brave he is being… Even in pain, he does pretty good!

Get better soon buddy!!!


Brandy said...

So glad to hear Hunter made it through surgery so well. I am sure you are relieved and can hopefully relax and get some rest too!!!

Berry Patch said...

I pray all is still going well with Hunter. I so remember when N8 had this done this past fall. Not fun at all at the time but it has made a world of difference for him.