Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our week so far:


I can’t seem to catch a break this week. I’m so, so sorry…that i have been MIA for almost two weeks. With all the stuff going on around here… I can’t seem to catch up.

We made it through the Pinewood Derby. I will be posting on that shortly. Just need to find time to upload pictures. :)

The first two days of this week were taken up with Car repair. Dropped it off Monday Morning at 8am. Sat there for 3 hrs to find out what was wrong with the AC, before they started on the rest of the stuff. I left to go to the mall (which is luckily only a mile down the road) with a friend… Had a great time, but came back at 5pm and the Car was still not DONE!!!! By this time, my daughter had already missed dance, and I was not going to make her miss Girl Scouts to, so I said I’ll be back in the morning for it.

Left in a rush to head home to pick up my daughter and get to Girl Scouts. Phew! Thank goodness for great friends that like to help you out!

Tuesday we went back to get the car, and it was down pouring! I had errands to get done though, so Sage and I had fun getting wet while doing that. Doctors appt after the kids got out of school and Cub Scouts, made that day go by quickly!

Yesterday was my MIL birthday… So my youngest daughter and I took her to lunch, and run a few more errands. Then we spend the evening with family celebrating!

Today has been a bit of a blur as well… But at least the week has flown by! I’m still waiting for a couple of packages to arrive, doesn’t look like the one I need before Saturday is going to make it. Bummer!!! Then this weekend is Blue & Gold!

You tired yet (just reading it)???

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