Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Birthday Fun



Spread out over a few days… we did some fun stuff for Sage’s birthday! Starting with the actually day of her Birthday.

On her birthday we went to Build-a-bear. Where she made her special bear! Plus we went to Ruby Tuesday’s for her birthday lunch.




Wednesday night, after her practice… We did her birthday cake, and celebration at home, with family. Excited was she excited! We had a My Little Pony Cake… and she got her presents. My Little Pony toys, and a NEW BIKE!!!



On Saturday, we headed to go bowling with some friends, and she loved that!



After bowling she had a sleepover with her friend. Oh what fun they had!!!!



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Berry Patch said...

It looks like Sage had a great day! J6 made the SAME bear at his Build-A-Bear visit in December. Cool! He calls his "Odie." We watch a bit too much Garfield here I think. LOL