Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blue & Gold Banquet


This is the combination of the Birthday of the Boy Scouts, and the time when we try to have most of our big achievements done, and the boys will get their rank badges.

I have to admit this year was a bit of a challenge for me in this area. Why?? Well, I took over as the official leader of our Den back in November. Leaving me with only 3 months to get our boys their Wolf Badges. With almost 3 weeks of that being vacation times, so we don’t meet. Talk about a challenge!! Its ok, I was up for it!

I am proud to say that all but one of my boys managed to get their Wolf Badge at Blue and Gold on Saturday night! I was so proud of them…. They worked hard, and got it done. Now for the rest of the year until May, they will work on getting electives, and extra badges. Then around the end of May they will move up to the next rank.


Here is what Hunter achieved this time around:
His Wolf Badge
Gold Arrow Point (for electives)
7 Sliver Arrow Points (for electives)
Bowling Belt Loop
Nutrition Belt Loop
Hiking Belt Loop
Reading/Writing Belt Loop
Leave No Trace Patch
Outdoor Activity Award
BSA 100 Year Patch

He has done a really good job at staying on task, and working towards more. He is a very smart little man!

He was pretty excited to get all his stuff, along with a few surprises. One of them was him getting a TROPHY for Design for the Pinewood Derby!

Hunter with his Design Trophy


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Berry Patch said...

Great job, Hunter! ;-)