Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Struggles. . .



I don’t know if some of you that follow me have seen that I haven’t been posting much. I have been struggling to keep my head out of the clouds. I am overwhelmed, and just having a rough time.


Right now, I have some issues going on at home. I will address that a bit later though. My biggest concern right now is a problem I have had for awhile now.

I don’t know if some of you have seen me mention that I have a thyroid problem. Well, over the years it has continually gotten worse. I now have 3 nodules, that are between 3-4 cm. I went to see the specialist last week, and he told me that one of them is calcified. Which means that it might be malignant. This was not the news I wanted to hear. . .

The verdict is that I am going to have surgery, the first week in November. I’m relieved, anxious, and nervous all at once. I am ready to have this thing out of my body, so that my life can get back to normal. I have been struggling with issues caused by it for to long.


So, if you don’t hear from me much in the next couple weeks. I’m working hard to stay focused, but sometimes can’t. Please bare with me, as I go about this journey.

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