Monday, October 14, 2013

Do you have a favorite season?



Mine would be fall. . . hands down my favorite season. I’m sure you have heard me mention that before. I love the crisp cool air, but yet warm days. I’m a hoodie kinda girl, so the cool air isn’t all bad.

Most of all I love our landscape in the fall. The tree’s all in a rainbow of colors between red, orange, green, and yellow. The landscapes are just beautiful. I am just in such awe of the beauty around me in the fall. I feel the most peaceful, and enjoy the calmness of it all. I really find that I can reflect more this time of year.

Another highlight for this time of year for me is to take pictures. Its just like the world just screams at me, please take my photo. Everywhere I go, I see a chance to take a picture. Sometimes I want to just slam on my breaks and hop out to take a picture. Lol!

Do you have a favorite season? Is their one that just screams your name more than another? Do you feel a connection?


I thought, I would just share a few photo’s with you from my travels. I don’t have my good camera anymore, so bare with me, I’m doing the best I can with my cell  phone camera for now.








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