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TOS Crew: A Journey Through Learning Review




When I first started homeschooling and heard the term “Lapbooking” I was like  What the heck is that?  I was completely lost. It even sounded weird. I decided to look into it, and very happy I did! I’m sure you are still asking yourself what is a Lapbook? Well, it is a very unique hands on way of learning. It is kind of like scrapbooking a subject!


This past month we have been working on a review from A Journey Through Learning. We started with their Knights and Castles Lapbook. I decided to let my 6th grader pick which one we would start with. He loves middle ages, and was very eager to dive right into this one!



How we used the product:

Upon receiving the lapbook, I went over the material. I like to look it over see what is involved, and if we can add anything to it. I printed off the nessecary pages they needed to put it together. I only make one copy of the information, and either I read or they take turns reading it. After reading it, we have a discussion on what we just read. Going a bit more in detail about it, or if one child knows more about something we let them educate us more.

After we have all our supplies gathered up. Which for a lapbook all you need is some file folders (we use plain), glue stick (or sticks!), scissors, markers or crayons, and pencil. Since we only have a black and white printer, my kids like to add color to their lapbooks. If you only do a few things each day the lapbook will last you about a month. We enjoy them so, that we usually do a bit more. This one only took us 3 weeks to finish, however one week of time was cause we read a bit more about the subject.

The Knight and Castle Lapbook was 51 pages, and includes extra resources, and reading list. It is geared toward Grades 2-7.




Astronomy and Space photo astronomylapbook_zps68bf09d3.jpeg



Since we finished that one before our review time was up, we also started the Astronomy and Space Lapbook. This one is also geared toward Grades 2-7 and has 76 pages.

We haven’t finished it yet, but have gotten a good start.




Our Thoughts:

My kids give this a total thumbs up! They love lapbooking! It brings the fun back into school. We don’t do them all the time, but like to slide them in every once and a while to break up the everyday hum drum of text book work. If your looking for something to help you change things up a bit. This is the way to go!
Little Monkey says she loves it because its like doing crafts. Monkey Man says he finds it more interesting than just reading the book.




I enjoy it because even though you are digging out a few craft supplies, the mess is minimal. It is pretty easy to follow the directions, so I don’t have to always be right there to help them. Monkey Man lots of times will help Little Monkey to do hers, which is nice. They work well together on them. I also love that we can make it as big of a study as we want. You can just leave it at the lapbook, or you can find extra reading and resources to make it more, depending on your mood. We are certainly fans of lapbooking and would suggest it to any of our readers to give it a try!



You can purchase Knights and Castles  and Astronomy and Space for
Instant Download- $13
CD- $14
Printed –$21

They have a wonderful selection to choose from as well.


See what the rest of the Crew is saying about them!



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