Saturday, November 6, 2010

One of our First Field Trips …..


as homeschoolers. Ok, the first official Field Trip I was not present for..Monkey Man, and Middle Monkey Girl went with Grammie the day after I left to head back to Florida, a month or so ago!

Therefore, I’m calling this our first Field Trip! Haha! After our Co-op this morning, we went to Augusta to meet up with the others at the Maine State Museum. This Museum as you can probably tell from the name, has a lot to do with Maine.

The kids have all been learning about Maine at their Co-op. The girls have been doing a Lapbook on Maine, and the book “Blueberries for Sal”.  Some of you are probably wondering what a Lapbook is, so I will post a picture at the end of this post to show you the girls. Monkey Man’s class, has been learning about Author’s in Maine, or that had wrote stories about Maine. Then this week learned more about industries in Maine, so he did some research on “Hebron Academy” here in Maine and put together a little speech. I am very proud to say, he did a great job, I’m so proud of him!!!

On that note, after learning all this stuff, and kind of bringing the class to a close for the Holiday’s.. (we only have one more before Thanksgiving and Christmas) We took a field trip to do so….

The kids got to see things that were “Made in Maine” which was very interesting… and then learned about “Farming in the Past” which was also very interesting.  Like did you know in the 1700’s they used deer antlers to rake their gardens?? Or the deer shoulder blade as a hoe, or shovel??







Then as a really big treat at the end, they got to do a class on “Wool Carding" which they did by hand. Each of them got some Wool and Carders, and had to work together to make it smooth, and clean.. and then they twist it into yarn… It was really neat to watch them try to do this….




They had a blast, and we will absolutely be going back there to learn more again soon. Not sure what we will do a lesson on next to tie into it…but I will be sure to find something!!!

Happy Learning!

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